Next up in my round of beautiful and sustainable furniture meant to last a lifetime is Pure by Ami McKay.  Frustrated with the unfashionable sustainable furniture available, interior designer Ami McKay set off to remedy the situation.  She created Pure, a furniture company that focuses on products that are healthy to people and to the environment.  Her motto of “luxury without compromise” sounds just about right to me.

These are the sorts of materials they use to make these gorgeous pieces as green as possible:

  • Biodegradable natural latex rubber
  • FSC certified hardwood frames
  • Organic cotton batting
  • Renewable jute & latex webbing
  • Non-toxic adhesives
  • OEKO-tex certified wool fabrics that use organic dyes
  • Renewable and sustainable Kirei grass and wheat boards
  • Hemp and bamboo

While the furniture shapes are beautiful unto themselves, I think the optional embroidery gives it an added touch of elegance.  There are lots more pieces on her website, so make sure you check it out.  The furniture comes from British Columbia, Canada, but fortunately for me and anyone else who lives on the east coast, it’s also available at the Green Depot in New York and a few other places.