One of my new favorite magazines is the online periodical, Lonny Magazine.  It was co-founded by Michelle Adams, formerly of the now sadly closed Domino magazine and creator of Rubie Green, an eco-friendly line of fabrics and accessories.  Their current issue is dedicated to eco-chic products and projects.  While there are a lot of great articles and spaces in the issue, my favorite project by far is Michelle’s apartment.  She designed it with sustainability in mind, but without sacrificing anything in the way of style to achieve a fresh and elegant apartment.

Many of the fabrics she used are from Rubie Green, and are therefore made of organic cotton and printed with non-toxic inks.  Other touches include natural materials, no-VOC paints and wallpaper made from FSC certified pulp.  Michelle’s apartment is also filled with antique pieces and thrift store finds.  In my opinion this is one of the best and easiest ways to have an eco-friendly house.  When you buy a used item, you’re doing a double service to the environment, first by not using natural resources to create something new and second by saving that piece from ending up in a landfill.  Plus vintage pieces tend to have so much more character than new mass-market furniture.

You can read more about her chic apartment at Lonny Magazine’s website and read decor8’s interview with Michelle Adams.